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Introducing Monsoon Durham’s Denim For Life Scheme!

Recycle your old denim at Monsoon Durham and enjoy 20% off a new denim piece!

How does it work?

Simply head to the Monsoon Durham store with any old denim (they’ll accept pieces in any condition, from any brand). One of their store team members will show you to the Denim Drop Off and help you find a new piece you love.

What happens to my old denim?

Monsoon will quality check each piece before deciding whether they donate it to charity or send it off for fabric recycling. All profits will go to Newlife, a charity that exists to supportdisabled and terminally ill children across the UK.

What does Newlife do?

Newlife help support thousands of families who urgently need essential equipment, such as beds, buggies, wheelchairs and seating systems. This helps the children to live their day-to-day lives without risking injury or unnecessary pain.

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