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It’s Back!

A Durham City icon is being rebuilt brick by brick in time for the half term.

The LEGO version of Durham Cathedral was first displayed in 2016. After a spell in storage, the 300,000 brick structure will be housed in a new location in the Monks’ Dormitory of the Durham Cathedral Museum.

Accurate Scale

The impressive model will measure 3.84 metres in length, 1.53 metres wide and 1.7 metres in height when completed this February, with a team of volunteers currently working to rebuild the cathedral ahead of the week-long school break.

The dimensions mean it is as accurate a scale representation of the cathedral as possible.

Almost Complete

You can visit the Durham Cathedral in LEGO for free and see the rebuild taking place over the next few weeks before it is fully restored in February.

If you are planning to visit Durham during half-term to visit the LEGO Cathedral, don’t forget to use Prince Bishops Place’s ticketless, secure car park – the closest in the city to the real Durham Cathedral.

Images courtesy of Durham Cathedral.

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