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The County’s Favourite Condiment is Back!

Durham’s most beloved condiment has made its way back to the North East region, and you can get your hands on it at Northern Stores & Deli!

Meet the Creator

Durham Mustard has been an important part of Durham’s rich history, dating back to 1720 when the city was home to many mustard plants. Visitors from all around the world will now be able to enjoy Durham’s legacy. 

Fascinated by the history of Durham Mustard, agriculture graduate Anya Kirby made it her mission to bring her legacy back to the region. After trialling and testing recipes based on historic research, Anya recaptured the magic of this beloved condiment and launched Durham Mustard. 

Rediscover Durham’s History

Northern Stores & Deli at Prince Bishops Place sell a wide range of delicious scones and sandwiches that you can pair with this flavourful mustard.

Come and try this incredible condiment for yourself by visiting Northern Stores & Deli!


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