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The duo you didn’t know you needed have come together to bring you a sauce that is fang-tastic, right on time for Halloween. 

Balefire Sauce and Durham Distillery of Prince Bishops Place have joined forces to bring you a mouth-watering Bloody Mary inspired sauce with a kick! Even better, you can head on down to Prince Bishops Place and purchase it at Durham Distillery. 

The new condiment entitled “Blood Thirst” is a vodka based Bloody Mary sauce that combines Balefire’s fiery, fermented habanero with Durham Distillery’s finest triple distilled “Durham Vodka”, coming together to create a luxurious signature sauce that is the perfect blend of fruity and spicy.


Blood Thirst-y fans can expect notes of black pepper, lemon zest, and a hint of rosemary, as well as subtle tones of vodka curated by Durham Distillery’s good honest spirits. 

Blood Thirst is now available to purchase at Durham Distillery in Prince Bishops Place, so come on down and secure your new favourite condiment – it’ll be love at first byte!

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